When we’re stressed, we “flip our lids.” We can’t think straight, and we lose touch with our wiser, more skilled selves.

Sadly, language is not an effective way of helping ourselves calm down.

Ever tried to tell yourself to stop freaking out? Did it work?

The key is to work somatically, in other words, with body-based experiences, rather than language.

Essential oils are concrete, experiential tools that work with the body and mind, and can support us in handling stress better.

But how do they work?

The sense of smell is unique among the senses

The sense of smell is unique compared to other senses because it bypasses parts of the brain other types of sensory information often cannot.

Therefore smell evokes inner experience–memories, thoughts, sensations, emotions–faster than we can be aware of what’s happening.

We can end up feeling a certain way without even knowing why because our memory and emotion centres have been activated, but that activation is outside our awareness.

Of all the senses, only the sense of smell has a direct connection to the amygdala, the emotion centre, and through it to the limbic system, the brain’s emotional switchboard. The limbic system is also in direct control of the stress response.

Essential oils recruit our own relaxation response to help us deal with stress

In moments of stress, we can use the scent of essential oils to communicate with the amygdala and limbic system, and thus our whole organism, recruiting our own relaxation response to help us respond with a clear head and heart.

When you’re stressed, apply a drop of two of a calming or grounding oil to your palms, rub them gently together, and bring your palms toward your nose while inhaling deeply. You’ll get the benefit of the breath as well as the oil’s volatile organic compounds which carry not only the scent but also the benefit of the plant medicine to your body, mind and spirit.

10 key essential oils for more ease and less stress

Want to learn more about essential oils for less stress?

Click play on the video to join me and Ellie McMillan for a class on the 10 key essential oils for more ease and less stress.

FYI click here for the Health Canada approved claims list.

How can you get this powerful plant medicine?

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I need some help deciding what I need

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