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Therapy is your power move as a business owner.

Prevent (or recover from) burnout and preserve your peace of mind as you ride the emotional rollercoaster of running a business.
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Burnout prevention and recovery
for women Business Owners

Are you a woman business owner who feels like you’re about to hit your breaking point?
Would you like to prevent (or recover from) burnout?
Are you ready to feel more supported, self-connected and fulfilled while running your business?

As a business owner, the emotional challenges are real!

  • No-one really gets you.
  • You worry about your mindset.
  • You feel alone a lot of the time.
  • Everyone is getting on your last nerve.
  • You feel raw and on edge.
  • It's hard to make decisions.

I get what you're going through, because I'm a business owner myself, and I am trained to support you, because I'm a multiply-certified, masters-level therapist and coach.  

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