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Your engine is burning out, and revving it harder and harder isn’t helping.

You're feeling anxious and emotionally unsupported.

You’ve tried mindset work before, and made some progress...
But clearly not enough, or you wouldn’t be reading this.
Partnering with someone like me, who can demonstrate what it looks and feels like to be in co-creative supportive environment, allows you to experience a new way of being with yourself.
One that doesn’t trigger your inner fight/flight/freeze response.
This opens up your capacity to problem-solve and troubleshoot. It opens up your capacity for creative thinking.
Together we will identify the lag and lead indicators for your mental health--the factors that influence your mood and emotions.
We'll draft a plan so you can uplift your mindset and overcome the anxieties of running a business, so your CEO-self is more accessible and more reliable.

This opens up possibilities for how you move through your business and your life. Possibilities that right now seem impossible.

Working with me, you can:

  • Feel like the best possible version of yourself.

  • Experience inner compassion for your trials and triumphs.

  • Be ready to effectively set and maintain boundaries.

  • Feel resilient and strategic.

  • Be equipped to manage the stress inherent in entrepreneurship.

Hi there. I'm Shula

Shula smiling at the camera in a pink shirt
I'm the entrepreneurs' therapist.

I'm an entrepreneur myself, so I get what you're going through.

I'm also trained---as a licensed, experienced trauma therapist---to support you.

There are three ways to work with me:

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