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We can assess what's going on for you and identify a next step.

Your engine is burning out, and revving it harder and harder isn’t helping.

You're feeling anxious and emotionally unsupported.

You’ve tried mindset work and stress management before, and made some progress...

But clearly not enough, or you wouldn’t be reading this.
Partnering with me in a co-creative, supportive environment, allows you to experience and learn a new way of being with yourself.
One that doesn’t trigger your inner fight/flight/freeze response.

One that helps your CEO-self stay online.
Together we will identify what influences your mood and emotions--your mental and emotional wellbeing.
We'll craft a plan so you don't flip your lid and blow up your business when the shit hits the fan.

This opens up your capacity for creative thinking and problem-solving.

It also opens up possibilities for how you move through your business and your life... possibilities that right now might seem impossible.

Shula smiling at the camera in a pink shirt
Hi there! I'm Shulamit Ber Levtov. You can call me Shula for short.

I'm The Entrepreneurs' Therapist.

I'm an entrepreneur myself, so I get what you're going through.

I'm also trained to support you, with an MA in counselling and multiple professional certifications as a therapist and coach.

I will help you identify what affects your mental and emotional well-being and support you to care for it amidst the relentless stressors that can make you lose your shit on the daily. 

Working with me, you can

  • Feel like the best possible version of yourself.

  • Experience inner compassion for your trials and triumphs.

  • Be ready to effectively set and maintain boundaries.

  • Feel resilient and strategic.

  • Be equipped to manage the stress inherent in entrepreneurship.

  • Set the foundation for sustainable success in business.

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