Stress relief with breath and movement

This gentle, 30-minute practice of movement and breathing applies the principles of stress reduction that I teach to all my clients.

The net result of chronic stress is a dysregulated nervous system. In other words, it feels like your nerves are fried… or you cry or snap at people at the drop of a hat. Or maybe you can’t sleep. These are all effects of a nervous system on overdrive.

Your nervous system needs three things to help it get back to normal: its energy for mobilizing your body needs to be discharged, and the mind-body needs to be soothed and nourished.

This practice works at all three levels. I invite you to set aside 30 minutes (or even just the first 10, for the breathing practice) and see how it feels to follow along.

It might be enough for you to feel an in-the-moment shift.

Engaging in simple, pleasant practices like this one, every day, over time, can help regulate the nervous system, counteracting the constant “on” messages that result from stressful lives that feel like you’re trying to hold all those plates in the air while somebody is throwing things at you.

This stress reduction practice can help reduce your stress, every day.

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About me

My name is Shulamit Ber Levtov. (Shula for short.) I'm The Entrepreneurs' Therapist.

I support women business owners to care for their mental and emotional well being in an era of relentless stressors that can make you want to lose your crap on the daily. You can learn more about me here.

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