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Support parameters

Shulamit does not provide after-hours, urgent or emergency support. In an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. For immediate support, please call your local crisis line.

Shulamit applies therapeutic, coaching and somatic tools and processes to support your mental and emotional wellbeing and personal growth as a business owner. The services provided are for the support of your mental and emotional wellbeing and do not constitute the provision of psychotherapy.

What is implementation support?

Implementation support is for use at your discretion, as needed, to communicate with Shulamit.

Implementation support is a way to get Shulamit’s input relatively quickly, and is best used for shorter messages and less detailed situations.

Messages should be in the range of approximately 3 minutes. If you find yourself consistently recording messages of 6 minutes or more, this is a good indicator that the topic would be best addressed in a live session.

You are welcome to book additional live sessions at the rate of $250/session, using the booking link provided previously.

The 1.5-hour time parameter is a guideline. It includes your message length, the length of Shulamit’s response messages and Shulamit’s prep time in order to respond which is not reflected in the total length of messages sent and received.

If you are using a voice message to process a situation, or to provide an update, it is helpful to contextualize your message with something like, “I just want to put this here so that you are aware. No action required.”

Typically, clients use implementation support as

  • a container to vent
  • to ask for mindset support
  • to request skills coaching
related to work in sessions with Shulamit.

If your requests for voice message support exceed a total of approximately 1.5 hours per 30-day period, or relate to issues not appropriate for voice message support, Shulamit will invite you into a discussion about what form of support could better meet your needs.

Implementation support logistics

  • Implementation support is available up to an approximate total of 1.5 hours per 30-day period.
  • This includes your message length, the length of Shulamit’s response messages and Shulamit’s prep time in order to respond.
  • Unused implementation support time does not carry forward.
  • You’re free to message when it’s convenient for you.
  • Shulamit will respond within 24 hours, from Monday to Friday during business hours.
  • If you message Shulamit on weekends or on Canadian civic or Jewish holidays, please plan for a response of up to two business days.
  • Shulamit’s availability is subject to change (e.g., vacations). If this is the case, you will be advised in advance.