Implementation support

so you don’t blow up your business when the crap hits the fan

As a business owner, ongoing emotional support is your power move.

With support, you don't have to flip your lid when the crap hits the fan.

Having Shulamit as a member of your business support team maximizes your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Is this familiar?

You know keeping a positive mindset as an entrepreneur is critical.
And yet there are times where it seems laughably impossible to be positive, and it’s all you can do to get through the day.
You love being in business for yourself and yet you wish it wasn't such a rough ride.
You also yearn to share the wins and losses with someone who gets it.
You have one last nerve and everyone is getting on it.
Your thoughts are scattered and you can't gather them enough to move forward.
You've got no-one who understands and can help you process the emotional labour of being in a leadership role.

It's complicated

There are good days and bad days.

Sometimes you're on track with your mindset and self-care and sometimes you're not.

Your life issues show up--and sometimes trip you up-- in your business... and vice versa!

You want to be able to sort things out and get on with it but it's hard on your own.

Don't flip your lid and blow up your business when the crap hits the fan.
Get the support you need to stay on track with the work you've done in session or in a workshop.
Imagine being the confident, strategic, calm entrepreneur who isn’t thrown for a loop by the frustrations and stresses of your business.
You are on track with care for your mental and emotional well-being.
You respond with grace and ease, even when under pressure.

Implementation support is how we can make that a reality.

What is implementation support?

Implementation support is a way to keep on track with executing the plans you made.

It's a way to set up compassionate accountability. 

It supports you to integrate insights and learnings.

It's a practical and timely method for getting Shulamit's input.

It's a container for

  • thinking out loud about an issue

  • celebrating a win

  • venting

  • requesting mindset support

  • skills coaching

Implementation Support  

to care for your Mental and emotional Wellbeing

Fee: $500* / 30 days

Maximize your effectiveness as an entrepreneur. 

Boost your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Get support when the crap hits the fan.

As a business owner, ongoing emotional support is your power move.

*CAD or USD depending on the currency in which you earn your living. If you're not earning CAD or USD, email me to discuss. Payment plans are available.