Keep your CEO-Self in the

Driver's Seat

Create your mental and emotional wellness plan

so you don't flip your lid and blow up your business

when the shit hits the fan

Running a Business Can Run Down Your Mental Health

Did you know there is an inherent connection between entrepreneurship and mental health challenges?

There is!

Entrepreneurs have a higher prevalence of mental health challenges than the general population.

There’s an irony in this: people who are on the energetic, motivated, and creative side are both

1) more likely to be entrepreneurial and

2) more likely to experience strong emotional states…

In fact, in one survey, 49% of the entrepreneurs surveyed reported having a mental health condition, with depression and anxiety being two of the top three.

It’s common for business plans to cover financial, sales, marketing, and operations.

So why not include mental health?

As whole humans who own small businesses, a mental health plan should be part of your business strategy.

"The Mental Health for Entrepreneurs workshop created and presented by Shulamit should be required coursework in every MBA program. Shulamit is a clear, compassionate teacher with a comprehensive grasp of the complicated, competing demands of business - especially for women. She worked with me to tailor her material to align with the culture and needs of our cohort. She adapted to our emergent process, learning alongside us about what worked and what needed working on. She brought forward important perspectives and distilled vast information into practical, useful and highly effective information. She is bright, funny, committed and above all - a kind, generous human. This is an invaluable resource at a time that is sorely needed. Thank you, Shulamit, for sharing your gifts and talents so generously!"

Shannon Thompson | Birth Mama, Visionary Director and Wild Card, Shakti Rising

With a plan, you will know what to do when the shit hits the fan.

You will know what works–and what doesn't–to support your full CEO-self.

You will have a repertoire of empirically-grounded resources and strategies you can use to address the situation. 

But most of all, you can mitigate (most) serious problems with preventative measures.

When your emotional life is cared for, your CEO capacities for

  1. focus,
  2. problem-solving,
  3. creative thinking,
  4. planning,
  5. prioritizing,
  6. and interpersonal skills

can take the fore and you can be your best self in business and in life.

In this two-hour workshop guided by me, a licensed mental health professional, you’ll get tools that are rooted in a holistic approach that, among other things, recognizes the impact of both systems of oppression and spirituality on mental health.

If you are

  • A woman business owner who values their mental health
  • A self-employed woman who wants to get off the stress hamster wheel
  • Contemplating jumping into your side-hustle full-time but don’t want to burn out while doing it.
This in-depth, interactive workshop is for you.

You (and your business) are

Stronger With Support

Running a business is like an emotional rollercoaster.

One minute you’re on the top of the world and the next you want to quit.

You’re isolated and overwhelmed.
Your friends and family don’t get it.
You feel anxious and stressed.
You worry you’re heading for burnout or worse.

You’ve tried all the things–meditation, yoga, essential oils, working out, “clean” eating–and none of it has “worked.”

And sadly, taking time off isn’t on the table right now.

You need your CEO-self to be in good shape in order to run your business.

Good mental health (as defined by you) requires a two-pronged approach: a plan and accountability for implementation.

 This live workshop will cover three key areas: 
  • Learn about the 7 factors of risk to mental health for women entrepreneurs
  • Understand the role of trauma and nervous system regulation and dysregulation in mental health
  • Map your mental health KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Identify and apply the three principles of stress resilience
  • Draft a mental health plan based on your KPIs
  • Understand how to use your plan so it doesn’t just stay in the drawer like your business plan does (oops, did I just say that??)
  • Apply different tactics to stay accountable for implementation

I didn't realize how important mental health is to the success of our business.

The mental health plan workshop made me realize what I do when crap happens and the importance of finding someone to work with. I didn't realize how important our own mental health is to the success of our business. The workshop makes you aware of it and you can see the value in checking in with yourself (as you do with your business) through a plan.

Shuli’s compassion, empathic and knowledge on the subject made the presentation super interesting, made it easy to understand the different concepts.

It's a must

The Mental Health Plan workshop appealed to me because I am invested in supporting my mental health and get excited when I see content that engages my practice. I like that the workshop gave me a matrix (of sorts) to measure against with stressor and resilience markers. Shulamit is knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, clear and inclusive ❣️ This workshop is a must for business owners who are struggling with supporting their mental health, or beginning to understand how to support themselves and their mental health.

Put your CEO-self in the driver's seat.

Register for the mental health plan workshop today.

Sept 8, 2022, 1 - 3 pm Eastern, $180
(CAD or USD depending on the currency in which you earn your living)

I'm Shulamit.

I work with women business owners to discover what affects their
mental health & create a plan to deal with it in an era of relentless
stressors that can make you lose your biz shit on the daily.

I get what you’re going through (I’m a business owner myself) and I’m trained to support you (I’m a masters-level, licensed therapist).

For 21+ years I’ve been working in the area of mental health and personal growth. I’ve been self-employed (part-time since 1990 and) full-time since 2016. I’m also a trauma survivor on my own, ongoing mental health recovery journey.

Working with me, you will get:

  • the benefit of my training and expertise as a mental health professional and certified clinical trauma professional,
  • my understanding of the impact of entrepreneurship, spirituality and systems of oppression on mental health, and
  • the compassion that comes from working with someone who gets it–who gets both entrepreneurial and mental health struggles.
What To Expect From The Mental Health Plan Workshop

What This Is

  • This workshop is really live and unrecorded to provide greater confidentiality so you can share more openly.
  • You and I (and all participants) will be together live, in real time.
  • You will get to talk--actually talk, not just use the chat function--to me and other participants.
  • You will be able to ask questions live on mic (but no pressure; you won't have to).

What This Isn't

  • This is not one of those yucky fake “live” workshops that are in fact recorded and are in truth a sales tool.
  • It’s not a “master class” where the facilitator spends half the time telling you about themselves and their programs.
  • This will not be giving you info so basic you could have looked it up online yourself.
  • I won’t try to upsell you through manipulation. I'll give you strategies for accountability, support and implementation (one of which is working with me).
The pace will be slow and there will be quiet time to facilitate reflection, processing, and connection with self and other.

There will be large group exercises and large and small group discussions where you will get to talk through your plan with peers—business owners just like you who also want to care for their mental health.

It’s reassuring to know you’re not alone.

Get a handle on what’s impacting your mental and emotional wellbeing as an entrepreneur and what you can do about it, so you don't blow up your business when the shit hits the fan.

Register for the mental health plan workshop today

Sept 8, 2022, 1 - 3 pm Eastern, $180
(CAD or USD depending on the currency in which you earn your living)