Introducing the

Mindset Reset "Power Hour"

90-minute live consultation plus one week of voice messaging support.

$650 USD/CAD  

(depending upon the currency in which you earn your living).

If you're not earning CAD or USD, email me to discuss.

Does this sound like you...?

The hits just keep on coming...

You know keeping a positive mindset as an entrepreneur is critical. 

And yet there are times where it seems laughably impossible to be positive, and it’s all you can do to get through the day.

It's an emotional rollercoaster.

The ups are really up and man-oh-manishewitz those lows are really low!

You know this is the nature of being in business for yourself and yet you wish it wasn't such a rough ride.

You also yearn to share the wins and losses with someone who gets it.

You have one last nerve and everyone is getting on it.

Last week you lost your shit on your spouse when all they did was ask what you wanted for dinner.

Yesterday you cried when your Amazon order got messed up.

Normally you're cool as a cucumber. You're wondering, "What's happened to me?"

Decisions, decisions...

It's a struggle to stay focussed. You find yourself staring at the computer screen, wondering what you were supposed to be doing.

Your thoughts are scattered and you can't gather them enough to make a plan.

You can't make sense of the information in front of you and use it to make a decision.


Nobody really gets you. 

Your friends and family are supportive but they don't get entrepreneurship. 

They say dumb stuff like, "If it's so stressful, why don't you get a job?" When you share a success they say, "That's nice honey!" without fully understanding the blood, sweat and tears that went into it.

Your team or your clients are driving you nuts but you've got no-one who understands and can help you process the emotional labour of being in a leadership role.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Mindset Reset is not emergency support. If you are facing an emotional emergency or are afraid you can't keep yourself safe, please call your local distress line or 911, or go to the local hospital emergency department.

Book yourself a 

Mindset Reset 

Power "Hour"

Prevent burnout and preserve your peace of mind. 

Discover what is affecting your mental and emotional wellbeing and create a plan to care for it.

Hi there!

I'm Shulamit Ber Levtov

I'm the Entrepreneurs' Therapist.

I am a seasoned, licensed, Masters-level, trauma therapist with multiple coach and other professional certifications.

I integrate both therapeutic and coaching techniques in our work together, as well as somatics and spirituality.

I have 20+ years professional experience in the field of mental health.

Plus I'm an award-winning entrepreneur who has been working for herself for more than 27 years. 

(In case you're wondering if I'm legit, you can click here for some more information.)

The Mindset Reset "Power Hour" is a 90-minute live support session with me, The Entrepreneurs' Therapist, to look at an emerging emotional challenge in your business, plus implementation support.

In the 90-minute session, you will 

  • experience emotional relief with the opportunity to confide in a trained listener who also gets what you're going through as a business owner.
  • be supported to identify the emotional challenge and work to reframe it.
  • plan for a path forward.

I will provide you with tools and ideas about how to preserve your peace of mind and manage your emotions around the emotional challenge, so you can get your head on straight and get on with business.

For one week afterward, you will also have access to me for implementation support.

Book Your Mindset Reset "Power Hour" Now

90-minute live consultation plus one week of voice messaging support.

$650 USD/CAD  

(depending upon the currency in which you earn your living).

If you're not earning CAD or USD, email me to discuss.

The "Fine Print"

The work we will do together is focussed on supporting you, as a small business owner, with your emotional, mental and financial well being. Yes, life and business intersect and affect one another, and we will attend to those intersections, and business and money will be our focus. Although I am a Registered Social Worker in the province of Ontario, I do not provide psychotherapy or social work services to clients outside Ontario.

We will be engaging in counselling, meaning that:

1) I support you to explore the issues you bring forward and find solutions, and to identify both the strengths and needs you bring to any situation.

2) I provide you with resources and information relating to the issues you bring forward, and will explore and teach a variety of coping strategies.  

The frameworks guiding our work together are rooted in the following non-clinical certifications and training: Certified Trauma of Money facilitator; Certified Inner Relationship Focusing Professional; Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication; Dare to Lead™ trained; Coaching Way (Tara Mohr) trained; Masters in Counselling and Spirituality.

Let's explore working together. Book a free call here.

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