You are 

Stronger with Support

You can experience relief from the anxiety, isolation and exhaustion of setting up or running a business.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick to death of marketing spin.
This is intended to be a non-salesy "Work with me" page.
I hope that it will give you a sense that I get you and your challenges, and am offering what you want for support.
Take a peek below. See if any of this resonates.
If so, we might be a good fit.

Does this sound like you?

The hits just keep on coming...

You know keeping a positive mindset as an entrepreneur is critical.

And yet there are times where it seems laughably impossible to be positive, and it’s all you can do to get through the day.

It's an emotional rollercoaster.

The ups are really up and man-oh-manishewitz those lows are really low!

You know this is the nature of being in business for yourself and yet you wish it wasn't such a rough ride.

You also yearn to share the wins and losses with someone who gets it.

You have one last nerve and everyone is getting on it.

Last week you lost your shit on your spouse when all they did was ask what you wanted for dinner.

Yesterday you cried when your Amazon order got messed up.

Normally you're cool as a cucumber. You're wondering, "What's happened to me?"

Decisions, decisions...

It's a struggle to stay focussed. You find yourself staring at the computer screen, wondering what you were supposed to be doing.

Your thoughts are scattered and you can't gather them enough to make a plan.

You can't make sense of the information in front of you and use it to make a decision.


Nobody really gets you. 

Your friends and family are supportive but they don't get entrepreneurship. 

They say dumb stuff like, "If it's so stressful, why don't you get a job?" When you share a success they say, "That's nice honey!" without fully understanding the blood, sweat and tears that went into it.

Your team or your clients are driving you nuts but you've got no-one who understands and can help you process the emotional labour of being in a leadership role.

It's complicated

Life and business intersect. They potentiate one another, in good and also in not-so-good ways. 

Your life issues show up--and sometimes trip you up-- in your business and vice versa.

You want to be able to sort this out and get on with things but it's hard on your own.

Imagine being the confident, strategic, calm entrepreneur who isn’t thrown for a loop by the frustrations and stresses of your business.
You are the pilot of your emotions, responding with grace and ease, even when the crap hits the fan.
You've worked your shit out and it no longer trips you up like it used to.
You’re able to create more harmony and flow in your life, despite the all the demands.

Here's how we can make that a reality.

  • I'll provide you with the emotional support you need so you can get relief from emotional intensity and regain your ability to think straight.
  • We will use therapeutic processes (such as parts work and somatics) to cultivate self-kindness and foster connection with yourself and your inner wisdom.
  • Then we will identify the skills you have and how you can apply them to the challenges you face.
  • We'll also identify skill gaps, and I'll teach the tools and coach you in using the techniques you need to take control of your emotions and halt the negative self-talk.

Along the way, you will have identified your mental health KPIs and built your mental health plan, setting the foundation for sustainable success in business, so you can show up fully as your CEO-self 

You will have developed habits that truly shift your life and business and reinvigorate you to achieve your goals--without the anxiety and isolation you’re used to.

You will finally feel like a whole person again--with a life AND a business that are thriving.

 Hello there, I’m Shulamit Ber Levtov

You can call me Shula for short

I'm the entrepreneur's therapist.

I work with women business owners and entrepreneurs who want to develop, implement and be accountable for their mental health plan so they can set the foundation for sustainable success and show up fully as their CEO-self in their business.

What makes me different from other therapists and coaches? 

I'm the best of both: I am a seasoned, licensed, Masters-level, trauma therapist and I have multiple coach and other professional certifications. I integrate somatics and spirituality into our work together. I have 20+ years working in the field.

Plus I'm an award-winning entrepreneur. I've been working for myself for more than 27 years. 

I get what you're going through and I'm trained to support you. I'll be your biz bestie, emotional support, thought partner and resilience trainer all rolled into one.

But what I do exceptionally well is help you to develop a warm and tender relationship with yourself, so you can truly release the anxiety and isolation that so often comes with running a business.

Together we'll find what works for you and your mental wellness. You'll have the responsibility for implementing the solutions. I'll support you and hold you accountable.

Let's Work Together

What I have found most beneficial for mental wellness and growth is bi-weekly live meetings with asynchronous support in between.

$1000 USD/CAD per month (depending upon the currency in which you earn your living).

Included: 2 live sessions (video or phone);
Voxer (voicemail) coaching on the weeks we don't meet live. 

If you're not earning CAD or USD, email me to discuss.

Payment plans are available.

But Shula, I need support NOW!

I hear you. Sometimes (uhhh... maybe all the time) entrepreneurship can feel like a shit show, with one catastrophe after another.

Mindset Reset Power Hour

$750 USD/CAD  

(depending upon the currency in which you earn your living).

If you're not earning CAD or USD, email me to discuss.

The Mindset Reset Power Hour is a 90-minute session to look at an emerging emotional challenge in your business.


We work to reframe it and explore tools to manage your emotions around it.

It's emotional first aid, so you can get your head on straight and get on with business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Mindset Reset is not emergency support. If you are facing an emotional emergency or are afraid you can't keep yourself safe, please call your local distress line or 911, or go to the local hospital emergency department.