You can be

even more resilient

Assess and cultivate your resilience skills

to activate your CEO self

With the PR6 resilience consultation you can activate your CEO self

and transform entrepreneurial anxiety into emotional empowerment

Let’s face it…

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Challenging clients, the never-ending to-do list, worries about next quarter’s revenue… anxiety and a negative mindset can quickly become a permanent state of affairs.

It can make even the most empowered entrepreneurial women, like you, want to hide under the covers.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You are strong and resilient, and you can be even more so with support.

 Introducing... PR6 Resilience consultation 

The PR6 (predictive 6-factor resilience scale) is a 3-minute, evidence-based and peer-reviewed psychometric questionnaire that identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains. 

It is a holistic, neuroscience-based measure of the crucial life skills necessary for the achievement of wellbeing and success. It also predicts future direction for these skills.

You might be in a mastermind for your business... have a coach for your personal life.... a naturopath and a GP who support your physical health.

This consultation is no different.

You’ve heard the adage, “behind every great man is a woman…”

The truth? Behind every strong woman is a whole fucking team.

The assumption that we do it alone is deeply flawed.

And it stops here.

You are strong and resilient, and you are even more so with support.

Does this sound like you?

A Stressed Women Entrepreneur
Barely Getting Through the Day

You know keeping a positive mindset as an entrepreneur is critical.

And yet there are times where it seems laughably impossible to be positive, and it’s all you can do to get through the day.

Moving your body sporadically... or not at all

You know that movement and mental health are intertwined, but you often look up from your desk to find hours have passed... and you haven't even gotten up to pee!

Clients have to come first. After all, that’s your source of income. So when the pressure builds up, something has to give... or you just too tired...or too distracted. So movement goes out the window.

Female entrepreneur working at her desk
Man Eating at Workplace
Eating on the Run

Last week you spaghetti on toast for dinner… or maybe you just ate cereal straight out of the box.

Hey, no judgement… I LOVE canned spaghetti on toast. So comforting...AND… we both know that isn't what you wanted to feed your family or eat yourself three nights this week.

Rarely Seeing Friends

As your business grows, you see your friends less than ever before. They’re reaching out less often now, too… because you’re rarely available to catch up or hang out.

Or when you do commit, it’s with 42 caveats and a good chance you’re going to have to bail at the last minute. It never fails that some client will have an emergency when you’ve planned time for yourself, friends or family.

Women entrepreneur feeling isolated
A Anxious Women worried about her work-life balance
No Balance

If you do manage to go out, you might overdo the wine a wee bit more than you intended… because there’s no off switch anymore. It’s full throttle all the time. 

And then you feel that ugly bit of shame the next day, and bury yourself back in your work.

A Very Short Fuse

With all that's going on, you're on your last nerve. You don’t have the patience you used to have.

You find yourself snapping at your kids or your partner and then feeling terrible about it.

This is NOT how you pictured your entrepreneurial journey unfolding.

You started your business to create change in the world and get results for your clients--and to get out from under the stressors of full-time employment.

But not only are you not making the impact you wanted, you’re starting to feel like maybe you’re not cut out for it. There are so many balls in the air, and you often feel very alone.

It's exhausting.

You’re ready to be done with the struggle. You're ready to approach things differently.

Imagine being the confident, strategic, calm entrepreneur who

  • maintains a beneficial mindset despite the frustrations and stresses business throws at you. 

  • is the pilot of your emotions, responding with grace and ease, even when the crap hits the fan.

  • is able to keep harmony and flow in your life, despite the all the demands.

Here's how we can make that a reality.

You'll take the PR6 resilience assessment psychometric test

You'll learn where your strengths are and I'll show you how to apply them to your challenges. 

You'll also learn where the gaps are in your resilience, and how to address them.

I'll walk you through the tools and techniques you need to become more resilient and take control of your emotions. 

You will finally feel like your strong and resilient self: in control and like a whole person again--with a thriving life and business.

 Hello there, I’m Shulamit Ber Levtov 

 You can call me Shula for short

I’m a psychotherapist and certified clinical trauma professional.

I help women entrepreneurs, like you, become pilots of their emotions,

so they can feel confident, in control and able to make good decisions.

I get what you're going through, because I'm an entrepreneur myself,

and I'm trained to support you.

The process

The first step is to complete the PR6 Resilience assessment online.

Then, we meet, live, to go over your results.

We will discuss where you score high. These are your resilience strengths. I'll show you how you can apply these to current challenges, and how they can be refined.

We will discuss your learning edge. We'll identify where you can increase your resilience, and outline the necessary steps to cultivate greater skill.

Then we will take a look at momentum, the predictive aspect of the PR6 model that shows the likely direction of your resilience development, and identify tools to keep you moving forward.

Along the way--through a combination of skill development, supportive validation, and some gentle bullshit-calling from me--you learn the components of a beneficial mindset, how to pilot your emotions and be more resilient to stress.

By cultivating resilience, you become an empowered pilot of your emotions, able to face anything with grace and ease.

Working Together

The PR6 resilience assessment package includes:

  • PR6 resilience psychometric assessment (online)
  • PR6 results report (pdf)
  • Live video meeting to discuss your resilience results, and identify personalized next steps for cultivating and/or applying resilience skills

Time commitment

  • 20 minutes to complete the PR6 assessment online
  • 1 x 75-minute live consultation via video

PR6 Resilience Assessment and Consultation

Fee: $650

USD or CAD depending upon the currency in which you earn your living.

Appointments are typically booked within three weeks of application.

You can receive your report within 24 hours of completion of the assessment.