Speaker on mental Health and Entrepreneurship

We entrepreneurs are conditioned to think that if we “break down” something is going wrong.

I invite you to consider that, if you “break down,” something might be going right.

What’s wrong is we’re taught that, for entrepreneurs, stress, burnout, depression and anxiety are exceptions, not the rule. Or, if we experience them, we should keep it under our hats.

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By implication we have somehow failed.

But that thinking is flawed.

We have to recognize that mental health risks are inherent in entrepreneurship, and, like all other risks we face in business, we have to control for them.

Shulamit Ber Levtov, MA, RSW, CCTP is an award-winning business owner, speaker and therapist for entrepreneurs. 

In this era of relentless stressors that can make entrepreneurs want to flip their lids on a daily basis, Shulamit is passionate about alleviating the entrepreneurial mental health crisis and transforming the entrepreneurial ecosystem to include founder mental health as a business priority.

She addresses the entrepreneurial mental health crisis through keynote speaking and educational workshops, helping entrepreneurs understand the unique mental health challenges facing them as business owners and teaching them strategies to make mental health a priority by making it an integral part of their business plans and processes.

Shulamit also consults on curriculum design and delivers trainings on entrepreneurship and mental health in incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurship programs.

Speaking Topics

Mental Health: the Overlooked Factor in Business Success

This thought-provoking talk explores the uncharted intersections of entrepreneurship and mental health. We'll explore the often overlooked mental health risks founders face and how to nurture founders (and businesses) so they can drive positive change in society as a whole. This transformative discussion will reshape the way business owners understand mental health, business planning, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

7 Mental Health Challenges Of Business Ownership & How To Overcome Them

Mental health for business owners is directly tied to business success, yet as entrepreneurs, we go through the wringer with their emotions. During this talk, we’ll explore the seven reasons entrepreneurs experience more stress than the general population and how to prepare for stressful situations.

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Shulamit lives near Merrickville, Ontario, Canada and speaks and teaches locally, nationally and internationally, as well as virtually.

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