Staying Sane Series

Tips for women entrepreneurs

Holistic wellness is essential to everything we do: Shannon Thompson on Staying Sane
Pain is necessary, but suffering is not: Charlene Lam on Staying Sane
Honour your needs: Lou Blaser on Staying Sane
If I Was Never Going To Be Like Everyone Else, Why Even Bother Trying? Eli Trier on Staying Sane
Entrepreneurship Is The Best-Case Scenario For My Mental Health: Jackie Schoemaker Holmes on Staying Sane
Mental health to me means staying healthy in all aspects of my life: Kimberley O’Shaughnessy on Staying Sane.
Own and Back Yourself as a Whole – Maiko Sakai on Staying Sane
Caring For My Mental Health Makes All Areas of My Life Improve – Milena Hrebacka on Staying Sane
Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go: Shannon Paris On Staying Sane