Stitch ‘n’ Bitch aka Hanging out with Shulamit

Hanging out with Shulamit is a virtual gathering where women entrepreneurs gather shoulder-to-shoulder (rather than face-to-face), with our hands (or bodies) engaged.

We knit or sew, craft, colour or even fold laundry or walk (on a treadmill or outdoors), and share from the heart.

This is a way women have gathered for millennia, and is a very different experience from the intensity required for 1:1 video meetings or even coffee chats.


The Hangout with Shulamit space is created in service to the healing power of common humanity.


The intention is to foster peer support and connection.

It’s space where entrepreneurs can take their “I have my shit together” masks off, and express the emotional side of entrepreneurship–and of the intersection of entrepreneurship and life, because life happens, amiright??

The Hangout with Shulamit space is created in service to the principles of liberation and justice.


The intention is that we aim to be brave, together.

Brave in this context means:

  • We hold the intention to welcome emotions.
  • We aim to meet emotional vulnerability with active listening and validation.
  • We aim to stretch into discomfort.
  • We aim to address manifestations of oppression and bias as they arise.
  • When we address them, we aim to connect heart to heart, recognize the harm caused, restore relationship and/or repair harm.

In this space, we may not do any of this perfectly, and it won’t always be exactly as we wish it to be, but we will aim to be brave together. (paraphrased from Justice Doula Micky ScottBey Jones.)

We meet every other Thursday via Google Meet, from 7 – 9pm Eastern. There is no cost to participate.

If you’d like to join in, please complete the form here and I’ll connect with you to provide more details.