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How to use this recording

This stress reduction practice begins with a brief moment to identify the issue on which you want to work. You may want pen and paper to make point form notes.

The TAT process involves hand positions that are described in this recording. You can use either hand in front and back, and you are free to switch hands at any time. This illustration will help you follow along.

Illustration showing where hands are placed for use in the Tapas Acupressure Technique

As you listen to the recording, you are invited to let the statements pass through your awareness and notice what happens. There is no right or wrong response. You may notice lots of things or nothing at all. You may agree or disagree with the statements. All that is just fine. The invitation is to notice.

You can stop the recording after each step and take notes, or go from step to step, and take notes at the end. Or you may not want to take notes at all.

Please consider sending me an email at to tell me about your experience with this process, or if you have any questions.

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