March 24


What’s my ethical move?

Sadly, in the time of COVID, sketchy practices that have long been business as usual have become even more prevalent just as so many more people turned online for help.

What am I talking about? Here are two blog posts by Maggie Patterson that will give you some idea: Are online businesses like cults? and Bro marketing is problematic.

Marketing and mental health

As a social worker psychotherapist, mental health is always my lens, and I apply a systemic view to my work with clients. This is no less the case when it comes to my marketing and business practices.

Sales tactics such as charm pricing, countdowns, false scarcity, and bait and switch exploit weaknesses in human psychology and impact mental health. They also perpetuate a system of business practices that cause harm.

My ethical move

In order to contribute to consumer awareness and create accountability for myself, I have pledged to the ethical move in service of a marketing standard based on transparency, trust, and honesty.

This badge represents my pledge to transparency, trust, and honesty in my marketing practices.​Please connect with me if you see me out of integrity with this pledge.

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